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What is


We are a site that hosts weekly and monthly contest for users of the site Cash Crate, by signing up for Cash Crate through our How To Enter page you can become eligible to practically double your Cash Crate earnings.


When we say double your cash crate earnings what we mean is, for example you earn $20 dollars on cash crate in a week and you submit to participate in the contest that week (see rules for how to submit your entry) if you are the top earner participating that week you will receive winnings for 100% of your Offer Earnings and 50% of your Survey and Bonus Earnings. The monthly contest is similar but runs off of who is the top earner for the whole month that has participated in the contest.


It is recommended to have a PayPal account when competing in this contest for easy transfer of winnings, we advise you read the Enter section and Rules section carefully before signing up.


The great thing about this competition is no matter what you are earning money just by using Cash Crate, you have nothing to lose and will always be gaining some spending cash.


We will soon be offering winnings to multiple places (1st, 2nd 3rd) and more randomly selective contests as well. Stay tuned and good luck competing, for any questions or comments use our contact page or tweet us!


Contest Two Started July 14th! Hurry up!